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All agency (city, county, state) officials and employees know that health is a big concern to residents. Let's work together to eliminate mosquito sources and protect your residents from outbreaks.

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 Resources for your Public Information team



Use these template newsletter articles to add a public health message to your city publication!

Download Summer Safety 2019 article

 Link residents to our Summer Safety campaign page



Video Resources
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We have a selection of videos that can be viewed on our YouTube channel. Need the original file or have a video idea? We're willing to partner! Contact Levy Sun at (redacted).


Radio/Cable Access Television Interviews

Need an expert to chat in your next program? Let's bug out with your audiences. Contact Levy Sun at (redacted)


Invite us to a Community Event
  • 10'x10' interactive booth focused on mosquitoes in our community
  • Repellent booth for your next evening/afternoon event
  • Amaze families with a 13' tall giant inflatable mosquito

Request an appearance HERE. We do not charge a fee to cities and organizations.



Do you have specific topics such as Aedes mosquitoes, West Nile or just looking for things to share? Check out our Resources Page.