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Bite Back Program

Tired of mosquito bites? Become a Bite Back Champion today!

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What is the Bite Back Program? 

The Bite Back Program empowers residents to kick mosquitoes out of their neighborhoods like champions. Each city within our District is different and the program's grassroots approach ensures that you, your family, and your neighbors are taking actions against mosquitoes that have direct impact to where you live. 


Ways to Bite Back 

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Stay informed with mosquito & vector control news by receiving monthly emails. We report on mosquito and disease activity in your community,  our events near you, and resources to keep you bite-free. 

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Inform your neighbors about the threat of mosquitoes by going door-to-door and distributing door hangers. Your neighbors will learn about the risk of mosquito-borne diseases and how to eliminate mosquitoes from their yards.

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Be the Bite Back Captain your community needs and book a 15-minute orientation with us via Zoon, in-person, or phone call. We will team up with you to discuss potential solutions that benefit your local community.

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Signing Up Process 

We use your street name and city to identify any potential Bite Back Groups in your area. If there are multiple neighbors in a block who's interested, we'll create a Bite Back Group in your neighborhood!

I'm Ready to Bite Back

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