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Bite Back Program

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Building healthier, bite-free neighborhoods in San Gabriel Valley

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Types of Bite Back Activities

Each Bite Back group is different, but they all care about one thing: Stopping mosquitoes and reclaiming their outdoor space! Some activities include:

  • "Block the Bite Property Inspections" -- We work with neighbors to inspect every front/back yard on the block to kick out mosquitoes and provide personalized solutions to the neighborhood.
  • Door hanger awareness campaign -- We will send you door hangers to distribute
  • Bite Back meetings supplementing Neighborhood Watch meetings
  • Citizen science projects for families

Bite Back Roles

  1. Bite Back Captains - Bite Back Captains create Bite Back groups for their block. Interested? Start with a 15-minute phone/Zoom orientation!
  2. Bite Back Champions - That's everyone! From receiving emails to distributing door hangers, you're already a champion.

We use your street name and city to identify any potential Bite Back Groups in your area. If there are multiple neighbors in a block who's interested, we'll create a Bite Back Group in your neighborhood!

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