Clean Pools, Healthy Communities

If left unmaintained, a single swimming pool can produce up to 3 million mosquitoes in one month. Besides embarrassing bites, the neighborhood is at risk of a mosquito-borne disease outbreak, such as West Nile virus. Let's work together to make your community healthier.

Received a Swimming Pool Violation?

All residents will  make sure the swimming pool is clean and functional within 14 days (by deadline printed on the violation).

Contact the District immediately. Schedule an inspection and/or discuss alternative options by calling 626-314-6006.

DO NOT WAIT. If the pool repair and maintenance requires more than 14 days, contact the District for help at 626-314-6006. The District will help control the mosquitoes while the work is being done.

Alternatively, in lieu of an inspection, you may text a photo of the fixed, clean pool with the violation notice in the foreground. The pool and the notice (date, address and violation number) must be visible in the same photo. Text the photo to 626-314-6006.

Example of text messaged photo of fixed pool
Example of text messaged photo of empty pool


Residents who do not fix the swimming pool will continue to be in violation of the California Health and Safety Code sections 2000-20167. 

What's a clean and functional pool?

A clean and functional swimming pool must have a working pump and filtration system, and be on a regular chemical treatment plan (e.g., chlorine). Water must be clear with little to no algae or debris.

It's the Law

Failure to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes and other vectors of disease may result in fines up to $1,000 per day. ~ California Health and Safety Code sections 2000-20167. 


Questions? You can call us at 626-314-6006 or use the form below.