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Board of Trustees

2024 Board of Trustees

The San Gabriel Valley Mosquito and Vector Control District is an Independent Special District. Power of authority is granted through the California Health and Safety Code, Sections 2000-2067. The District is governed by a 27-member Board of Trustees, consisting of an appointed representative from each city plus the County of Los Angeles. 

The Board meets at our District headquarters on the second Friday of each month at 7:00 am. The public is always invited and encouraged to attend Board Meetings. 

 CityBoard Member Term BeginsTerm Expires
AlhambraHenry Aviles1/1/202312/31/26
ArcadiaSho Tay1/1/202212/31/25
AzusaRobert Gonzales1/1/202312/31/24
Baldwin ParkEmmanuel Estrada1/1/202412/31/25
Bradbury Richard Barakat 1/1/202212/31/25
ClaremontCorey Calaycay1/1/202412/31/27
CovinaPatricia Cortez1/1/202412/31/25
DuarteMargaret Finlay1/1/202412/31/25
El MonteJerry Velasco1/1/202412/31/25
GlendoraJackie Doornik1/1/202112/31/24
IndustryVacant 1/1/202112/31/24
IrwindaleManuel Garcia1/1/202312/31/24
La PuenteCharlie Klinakis1/1/202412/31/25
La VerneMeshal Kashifalghita 1/1/202312/31/26
Los Angeles CountyAnish Saraiya1/1/202412/31/25
MonroviaBecky Shevlin1/1/202312/31/26
Monterey ParkJoseph Leon1/1/202412/31/25
PasadenaRachel Janbek1/1/202212/31/25
PomonaTim Sandoval1/1/202112/31/24
RosemeadSandra Armenta1/1/202412/31/25
San DimasRyan Vienna1/1/202412/31/25
San GabrielDenise Menchaca1/1/202312/31/24
Sierra MadreJohn Capoccia 1/1/202112/31/24
South PasadenaRobert Joe1/1/202412/31/25
Temple CityCynthia Sternquist1/1/202312/31/24
WalnutDr. Allen Wu1/1/202312/31/24
West CovinaLloyd Johnson 1/23/202312/31/26