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I am a Resident

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mosquitoes voted your home to be the #1 place to start a familY!

Did you know most mosquitoes in cities are created on private, residential properties?


Mosquitoes are drawn to the plentiful containers inside and around the home that are filled with stagnant water. In addition, lush, non-native, tropical-like yards are perfect resting places for mosquitoes to avoid the Southern California heat.


Tired of winning mosquitoes' #1 choice award? You and your neighbors share the responsibility of maintaining clean homes.

Our staff cannot easily enter people's yards, and patios, which means we rely on you to eliminate the mosquito infestations at home.

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Mosquitoes are tiny!
How to Quickly Protect against Mosquitoes

1. Tip 'n Toss all Stagnant Water - Once a week, spend 10 minutes walking around your patio or yard and eliminate any water that mosquitoes will use to lay their eggs.

2. Wear Insect Repellent - Ditch the itch and use any one of the following ingredients: Picaridin, oil of lemon eucalyptus, DEET or IR3535. The CDC-recommended and EPA-registered ingredients have proven effective against biting insects such as mosquitoes, fleas and ticks.

3. Block them, lock them out - Screens on doors and windows are effective when maintained. Watch for any tears that can be perfect for mosquitoes to crawl through.

4. Landscape them out - Your neighborhood may be known for its lush, greenery, but that also attracts mosquitoes! Consider using California native plants and vegetation that do not create tropical "micro-climates" in your yards. Mosquitoes are terrible at regulating their body temperature. So if you have a cool hangout around your patio or yard, mosquitoes will rest there to avoid the heat and, if you're around, take a couple bites.

Still experiencing mosquito problems in your neighborhood? Contact us for help.

View outreach efforts in your community, CLICK HERE.