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Most city-dwelling mosquitoes are attracted to private, residential properties

Mosquitoes lurk in humid, shaded plants that protect them from the sun and wind ☀️🍃 I.e. Dense bushes, hedges, and ivy

Check your yard for containers that capture mosquito-breeding water from sprinklers, rainstorms, watering cans, etc., and tip them out weekly!🎍💧


Don't Give Mosquitoes A Place to Rest

Examples of what mosquito-attracting vegetation looks like:

Little do many know, but a female mosquito can lay over 200 eggs at a time! This creates a big challenge in mosquito prevention-- on both household and community levels.

So while we serve the public areas around you, our access to private properties is limited--making mosquito reduction a shared responsibility between us, and you!

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Mosquitoes are tiny!

Natural Ways to Protect Against Mosquitoes

1. Eliminate mosquito sources 🦟💧

Each week, scan your yard for containers that catch water (I.e. plant saucers, buckets, tires) and give them a Tip 'N Toss. A mosquito egg can grow into a biting mosquito in 7 days!

2. Make it hard for them to bite you 🙅🏽‍♀️✋🏾

Ditch the itch. Use repellent with one of these four ingredients: Picaridin, Oil of lemon eucalyptus (or PMD), DEET or IR3535. They are CDC-recommended and EPA-registered; and great against fleas and ticks, too!

3. Lock them out 🏠🚪

Mosquitoes are tiny. Maintain your screens doors and windows so they can't crawl through any rips or tears.

4. Let nature take its course 🌱🌿

Did you know that certain plants attract mosquitoes more than others? Commonly seen in many SoCal homes, tropical-like yards are mosquito oases! Consider beautiful California native plants; which not only give back to you, but nature itself!

Lavender plant

Still experiencing mosquito problems in your neighborhood? Contact us for help.


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We monitor and control mosquitoes in public spaces


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