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Top 7 Facts That May Surprise You About Native Plants


california native plants reduce over-irrigation, stagnant water, and mosquitoes!

How California Native Plants Benefit You, and Everyone!

Fact #7 

Save money on maintenance and water ​​

They thrive on low nutrient-rich soil and approximately 1/7th of the water that non-native plants require. In addition,  lawn mowing is not needed, which will reduce noise pollution.

A happy home is filled with love, laughter-- and no mosquitoes!
Lavender plant

Fact #6

Build a healthier ecosystem and home

With a natural defense against pests, native plants require less pesticides. Their deep root system also prevents soil erosion that can enter bodies of water and harm the animals that occupy them.

Fact #5

Attract wildlife!

Pollinators like hummingbirds, butterflies, and native bees play essential roles in our complex ecosystems. Take in their beauty and help build biodiversity! 

May contain: animal, bird, and hummingbird

Fact #4

Celebrate California's biodiversity and roots

Grow a deeper understanding on the importance of native ecosystems, and the balance they create between nature and people.

Fact #3

Less stagnant water for egg laying

California plants require less water, which will limit mosquito-breeding around your home.

May contain: insect, animal, and invertebrate

Fact #2

No more hangout spots

Mosquitoes are weak fliers drawn to plants that provide 'micro-climates' (shady environments with tropical characteristics), which allow them to rest and cool off before wreaking havoc on your next backyard activity. 

Ivy and thick hedges are common resting sites for mosquitoes when it's hot outside

Fact #1

No more tasty humans to Bite!

While we make a great blood meal, a higher presence of California plants will reduce the amount of micro-climates that mosquitoes adore. No micro-climates = No place for mosquitoes to prey in our yards 

mosquito, skin


Want a bite-free yard? Check out our list of native plant alternatives for your home!