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Tip, Toss, Protect: Still getting bites?

Mosquito trap DATA from sgvmvcd

August 24 to 28

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Dotted line shows three-year average

Attention all mosquito-fighting residents! Among us lurks a hungry, six-legged creature. She's creeps from dusk until dawn, on the hunt for her favorite prey-- the human.

Little do we know, her favorite resting spot is also where she waits... for the perfect time to bite. Just like us, the cool, lush vegetation of our yards is what attracts her.

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Cool, dense landscaping attracts mosquitoes even when there is no stagnant water

While last week's (August 24-28) trap report shows a decline in mosquito numbers, the aggressive, daytime-biting Aedes population is on the rise. Orginiating from a tropical climate, invasive Aedes are particularly present in these popular SoCal landscapes, or what we like to call 'micro-climates'.

How can this be combated?

California native plants. Save money and grow a beautiful, bite-free home!

Thin out the vegetation. More dense = More shade for mosquito harborage!

Tip, Toss, Protect. Eliminate mosquitoes before they can hang out in your yard.

Bite mosquitoes back. Submit an anonymous tip and our Operations team will take care of the rest!

Check out some examples of California native yards that repel mosquitoes, and those that attract them!


With that, we challenge you to take a look around your yard and see if these helpful tips can be applied to your home. Stay bite-free San Gabriel Valley!

 West Nile Virus Update: Numerous mosquito and bird samples in San Gabriel Valley have tested positive for West Nile Virus this year. Track activity in your community.