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Mosquitoes are attracted to cool, shady areas with lots of plants that provide protection from the sun and wind

Ever wonder how mosquitoes seem to find you the moment you step outside? Lush yard vegetation serves as the perfect hangout spot for mosquitoes to rest before searching for their next blood meal. 🩸

Some examples of mosquito-attracting vegetation:

Plants that Attract Less Mosquitoes

California native plants and xeriscaping are beneficial and natural solutions for reducing the amount of mosquitoes that bite while you're working in the yard. While they don't repel mosquitoes, they certainly provide less factors that mosquitoes love in traditional yard plants.

Enjoy our curated list of native plants! 🌱

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Common SoCal Yards Require Lots of Water

Ever heard of stagnant water? Mosquitoes have-- and they use it to hatch into biting adults. Oftentimes, water is captured and left behind after watering a yard. This forgotten stagnant water ends up as a mosquito breeding ground. 💧

One bite can allow a female mosquito to produce over 200 eggs! 

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Mosquito larvae grow in stagnant water that's left behind from sprinklers, rain, etc.

Don't forget to check:

  • French drains (water pooling on tarp)
  • Bromeliads (middle cups can hold stagnant water)
  • Underground corrugated pipe (grooves can hold water)
  • Small plant saucers hold enough water to grow mosquitoes
  • Drains around the property
  • Watering cans
corrugated pipe
drain pipe

My Yard is Bone Dry, But I Still See Mosquitoes

There will always be mosquitoes in San Gabriel Valley. Just like bad weather, we can adapt to the situation (removing stagnant water), but there is more you can do.

Wear light, long sleeved shirts and pants 👖

Use repellent on exposed skin (Learn MORE) 🦵

person applying mosquito repellent

What Doesn't Work

Repellent Plants - Plants that have repelling "odors" don't work effectively. Unless you grind the plants to release the smell, and apply it to your skin, the plants will not keep mosquitoes away from you.

Repellent fans and candles - There is no scientific proof that in a real-world setting that these repellents work more effectively than applying repellent to exposed skin. A breeze through your backyard can carry the effectiveness away of the candle or fan away from you.