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How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes

Did you know mosquitoes lay their eggs in containers that have stagnant water? Once laid, mosquitoes can grow from eggs to flying adults in about 7 days! 

Eliminating mosquitoes in the water is easier than getting rid of mosquitoes flying around the room.

Removing stagnant water and eliminating sources that can hold water is the most effective, pesticide-free way to prevent mosquitoes in your community.  Vector control cannot access everyone's yards and patios to inspect saucers, buckets, recyclable and bottle caps.

We need your help!


So What  Can You Do?

Identify sources around your home or apartment complex, and tip out the water and toss out the source. Prevent any water from being stored in an open container. It's that simple!

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I Tip N' Tossed All Stagnant Water, But I'm Still Getting Bites!

Thank you for doing your part. If you are still getting bites, we can help. Submit a service request. In the meantime make sure you and everyone at home use insect repellent. 

Avoid the itchy, embarrassing bites by putting repellent on exposed skin. Do you know what ingredients to look for? There are DEET-free options that work! Read more about repellents here.