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Enjoy the Blooming Outdoors without Mosquitoes this Spring

A collaboration with Theodore Payne Foundation for Wild Flowers and Native Plants

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Spring showers ☔️ + Warm weather 🌞 = Mosquitoes 🦟

California drought tolerant plants 🌱 = Less mosquitoes! 🙌🏽

Free your home of mosquito-breeding containers 💧 and wear repellent 🏡

 Mosquitoes are weak fliers that love cool, shady plants that they can rest in.
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3 Secrets to Melt Away a Mosquito-filled Yard 🧊

Secret #1: Let the breeze flow, and the sunshine spill. 🌞

Mosquitoes like shady areas that protect them from the sun and wind 💨

Trim your plants for a breezy, sun-filled, and mosquito-free yard! 🏠


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Secret #2: Grow a beautiful, green, California garden. 🌼

 Naturally airy and light, California plants attact less mosquitoes than the common tropical plants we see in many SoCal yards. 🌳

From saving money on water to enjoying your mosquito-free yard again, the benefits of California natives plants are endless! 🦋


 Check out our curated list of California native plants!


Some examples of California plants:

Secret #3: Do a spring (mosquito) clean. 🧹

Mosquitoes like cool, shady plants... and they also love stagnant water! 🦟

Scan your happy home for any containers that can hold water and Tip'NToss them to make sure baby birds are the only hatchlings in your yard this spring. 🐣


Examples of mosquito-breeding containers:

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