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Temple City, Spring into Cleaning, Stop Mosquitoes Biting!

As springtime grows around us, the crisp outdoors are blossoming to life-- mosquitoes included. 

A family of three gardening together with plants, tools, and a watering can.

Warm weather allows mosquitoes to breed, bite, and blossom in our neighborhoods. This is when fatal diseases like West Nile virus can be transmitted to humans.

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 Keep mosquitoes and their diseases out of your home with 3 easy tricks.

1. Tip and Toss Stagnant Water Weekly

Did you know that mosquitoes need 7 days in water to grow into biting adults? They can lay eggs wherever stagnant water is present, even in bottle caps. To keep mosquitoes away from your home, Tip and Toss stagnant water from containers and sources that hold water in your yard. 

pouring water out of pan
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Kicking Mosquitoes Out Has Never Been Easier

  • Tip out stagnant water weekly 💧
  • Toss unused containers, even bottle caps! 🗑
  • Protect yourself with mosquito repellent 💨

 2. Use Repellent 

Enjoy your spring festivities without worrying about getting bit outside. Repellent is your best defense from mosquito bites and risk of mosquito-borne diseases. Make sure that your repellent has one of the following CDC-recommended active ingredients: Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus, Picaridin, DEET, IR3535

Woman applies mosquito repellent.
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Not every repellent is EPA-registered. Look for ONE of the following active ingredients on the label that is safe and effective against biting insects and the diseases they can transmit!

  • Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus
  • Picaridin
  • DEET
  • IR3535

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3. Spark Some Spring Inspiration 

Create a healthy community for yourself and your loved ones. Sign up for our Bite Back Program and help make a positive public health impact in your neighborhood. 

Bite Back in your community! 
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The Bite Back Program empowers residents to kick mosquitoes out of their neighborhoods like champions. Each city within our District is different and the program's grassroots approach ensures that you, your family, and your neighbors are taking actions against mosquitoes that have direct impact to where you live. 


Landscape mosquitoes out with CA Native plants 

Many SoCal yards have non-native plants that grow densely with large leaves that provide resting places for mosquitoes to beat the heat. 

See which plants will keep mosquitoes away from your home

Let's tackle the mosquito threat by Spring cleaning stagnant water sources before they become a problem. Have a bite-free spring in the San Gabriel Valley!