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Monrovia, Wipe Out Mosquitoes This Winter

Bundle up! This winter comes with a frosty bite.

Pervasive Aedes mosquitoes can lay eggs that "hibernate" months after being laid. All they require is stagnant water to hatch and thrive in the winter!

Stagnant water 💧 + Mosquito eggsÂ đŸ„š = Mosquitoes 🩟  Even in the winter! 🌧 

Check your yard for contiainers that capture mosquito-breeding water from rainstorms, sprinklers, etc., and tip them out weekly!


With the summer heat long gone, it's easy to think that mosquitoes are taking time off to explore the Monrovia Street Fair this holiday season. But don't be deceived; we can assure you that mosquitoes are still around, and have left behind some gifts this winter.

Also known as time-capsules, Aedes eggs laid in the summer and fall can easily hatch in water that settles after a winter storm, or simply from watering plants. So while it looks like mosquito numbers decrease during the cold season, stagnant water is a major factor that can increase them.

Just like sipping down your favorite latte on Myrtle Avenue, wiping out mosquitoes this winter is easy.

  • Give your warm, holiday home a weekly Tip and Toss. Drain out any stagnant water and toss containers that hold mosquito-breeding water!
  • Get rid of "hibernating" eggs. Wipe down surfaces that frequently hold water and harbor mosquito eggs. A wet sponge or towel should work a winter wonder.

What else is attracting and breeding mosquitoes around my home? Find out here.

Don't let mosquitoes get too comfy around your home. Join us in wiping out mosquitoes this winter!

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