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Keep Summer Outdoor Fun Mosquito-free

It's the time of year when we put away our cold-weather clothes and dust off our warm-weather gear.

This means more outdoor fun with sun, heat and no mosquitoes, right?

Mosquitoes Are Still a Problem!

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In the cities, mosquitoes love the summer just as much as we do. When they bite us, they can spread different diseases. Every year, the Los Angeles County Dept. of Public Health confirms numerous West Nile virus cases, including deaths. Throughout the state, invasive mosquitoes, called Aedes mosquitoes, are constantly infesting new neighborhoods.

Why do Mosquitoes Bug us so Much?

Only female mosquitoes bite. They use the protein in our blood to develop the eggs. Here's where it gets even more scary. Each female mosquito can lay hundreds of eggs in stagnant water in our own backyards, patios and indoor water vases.

Mosquitoes can hatch and develop into adults in as little as seven (7) days!

What Can We Do?

Put down that spray can. Killing the flying mosquitoes is a short-term solution. Even we, in vector control, consider spraying for adult mosquitoes a last resort (unless there's a major epidemic outbreak or public health emergency).

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Here are ways to stop mosquitoes safely and without much effort!

  • Tip 'n Toss, Show them who's boss! - You know mosquitoes can turn from egg to adult in a week. So eliminate stagnant water weekly in and around the home. Don't forget to keep your pool clean and maintained!
  • Repel, Don't Swell - Apply repellent to exposed skin to stop mosquito bites. Use oil of lemon eucalyptus, which is EPA-registered and CDC-recommended. Other effective repellents are Picaridin, DEET and IR3535.
  • Educate friends, neighbors and family - We challenge you to educate at least two more people about mosquitoes. The more we understand that mosquito control is a Shared Responsibility, the more healthy our communities will be!


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