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Spring into Cleaning, Stops Mosquitoes Biting!

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Spring season brings bird songs, March Madness, Easter and mosquitoes (ugh).

This year is expected to be as hot, if not hotter, than last year, which may mean more mosquitoes and greater virus activity.

One thing is certain: To keep your skin bite- and scar-free, dump out stagnant water and wear insect repellent.

Warm spring weather is a time for a flawless look in shorts, cool tops, and sandals – and not a time to cover up ugly bite marks! Protect your skin from bites and avoid the risk of mosquito-borne disease!

If it's like any other year, we are bound to see a lot of mosquitoes biting people this year. And, unfortunately, people may end up getting sick from a mosquito-borne disease such as West Nile virus.

Do you know what diseases you can get from mosquitoes?

Here are Top 4 ways to Spring Clean to a bite-free home

#4 Know that mosquitoes can lay eggs using a bottle cap of stagnant water 

A small plant saucer with stagnant water can grow 500 mosquitoes a week!

 Learn more about mosquitoes

#3 Hit a home run: Tip 'n Toss stagnant water weekly

#2 Don't be an itchy April fool

Mosquitoes will always be in our city. Stop the bites by wearing insect repellent.

#1 Start a Bite Back campaign in your city

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You know the threat. You can now work with neighbors to take back your neighborhood! Click HERE to start biting back!



Let's tackle the mosquito threat by Spring cleaning their stagnant water source away before they become a problem. Have a bite-free spring in San Gabriel Valley and "May the 4th" be with you!