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Spring into Cleaning, Stops Mosquitoes Biting!

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Spring showers ☔️ + Warm weather 🌞 = Mosquitoes 🦟

Trim plants for a breezy, sun-filled, & bite-free yard! 🌷

Free your home of mosquito-breeding containers and wear repellent 🏡

Warm weather allows mosquitoes to breed, bite, and blossom in our neighborhoods. This is when fatal diseases like West Nile virus can be transmitted to humans.
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Let the Spring (Mosquito) Cleaning Commence 

As springtime grows around us, the crisp outdoors are blossoming to life-- mosquitoes included. 🦟 Keep mosquitoes and their diseases out of your home with 3 easy tricks.

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 1. Tip and Toss Stagnant Water Weekly

Did you know that mosquitoes need 7 days in water to grow into biting adults?

Scan your yard each week for water-capturing containers and tip them out! 💦



2. Use Repellent

Enjoy your spring festivities without worrying about getting bit outside.

There are only 4 repellents recommended by the CDC! 🌼

One mosquito bite can allow a mosquito to lay over 200 eggs at a time! 🥚

3. Spark Some Spring Inspiration 

Create a healthy community for yourself, and your loved ones.

Gather your neighbors and join us in Biting mosquitoes Back in your community!

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Let's tackle the mosquito threat by Spring cleaning stagnant water sources before they become a problem. Have a bite-free spring in San Gabriel Valley and "May the 4th" be with you!