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Short Bites Monthly 

Your digest for April 2022.

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Short Bites Monthly ensures that our data as a public health agency remains transparent to the public and to people who are interested in our mission.

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  • 1,301 sites & 38 hours of enhanced neighborhood support has been conducted in several neighborhoods that includes door-to-door property inspections and delivery of educational material. The effort is to identify and eliminate residential sources of mosquito habitat. Our staff alerts residents to disease threats and teach them how to protect themselves.
  • Remember to book us at your next community event! We were invited to Pomona's Second Saturday Art Walk event and got to meet residents who were eager to learn about mosquito-bite prevention
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Image of our standard booth for the Pomona Second Saturday Art Walk event.
  • We welcome new seasonal employees to our team, who play a critical role in supporting all our programs during a time when mosquitoes are most prevalent and the risk for disease transmission is elevated. Here are our new additions: an Extra Help Outreach Assistant Seasonal in the Communications department & ten seasonal positions in the Operations department

The Bite Back Tour continues!

  • Rock out with passionate plant people. We have an exciting line up for our panel discussion. We'll chat about plants that will thrive in your local climate. You will learn how California Native Plants bring nature to your home, reduce mosquito activity, and allow for beneficial bugs to thrive in your community. Let's bring biodiversity to our doorstep!

Next episode of the Bite Back Tour:
Spring Gardening airs on April 21st at 11:00 AM

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  • Our Education Specialists are working hard to partner with renowned educators to provide the qualifications for a new education program geared towards teachers and educators. More details coming soon ... 

Images of our interactive classroom programs in action!

  • Our NGSS-aligned programs are now available for Spring booking. We paid a visit to Gladstone Elementary School in San Dimas and City of Knowledge in Pomona.
  • 1,894 people were educated on mosquito-borne diseases and bite prevention in the past month at our in-person events in the San Gabriel Valley. Additionally, 23,068 people were engaged with our social media content. 


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  • Modified weekly mosquito surveillance was implemented due to the higher day and overnight temperatures. Mosquito collections have been substantially higher in March 2022 than the previous three years.
  • The District insectary room is essentially completed and our team began rearing both Culex quinquefasciatus and Aedes aegypti in the facility. 
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Image of average mosquitoes per trap in 2022.

Don't forget to:

  1. Tip out stagnant water
  2. Toss unused containers
  3. Protect yourself with repellent


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Communications Department Mission Statement:

Increase transparency and credibility through multi-media dialogue in order to engage and motivate internal, local, regional, statewide, and nationwide stakeholders to take action and become public health agents of change in their communities.


🖋 Written by Ally Gaspar, Outreach Assistant