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Switching to California Native Plants is as easy as A-B-C

A collaboration with California Botanic Garden


We talk a lot about California Native Plants as a way to landscape mosquitoes out. This is because research shows that mosquitoes love cool, shady plants that they can rest in.

Even if you don't have stagnant water on your property, you could be harboring mosquitoes in dense vegetation like bushes and ivy. 🦟 + 🌳 = 🏡💛

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Does your yard look like this? 😬  If so, it's time to landscape mosquitoes out!

Stay Bite-Free this Fall With Our ABCs 🍂

A: Aquire Adventurous Assistance 💻

It can be difficult to visualize how your CA Native Plant garden will look in your unique yard space, so turn to the experts for help at the California Botanic Garden

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Visit for more information. 

California Botanic Garden resources are a fun way to inspire and educate visitors in-person and online. Finding the right native plants is paramount to creating your little oasis and the first step in reviving the native beauty that once resided all over California.

B: Bring Back Biodiversity 🐝🦋

Our yards have their own ecosystems that are dependent on the plants you have. If you've been getting mosquito bites, odds are you're growing a dense green garden with heavy vegetation. 

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Pests, like mosquitoes, linger in dense harborage, but California Native Plants bring back beneficial insects that can help our native environment and they require less water in order to do so. 

C: Create Colorful Charm 

The beautiful and beneficial impacts of California Native Plants in our gardens can help us understand the balance of life at our doorstep. With endless plant possibilities, you can build the colorful bridge between nature and your home. 

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For more in-depth information, California Botanic Garden is blooming with plant guides! 

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Resources by the California Botanic Garden.


Continued Learning: Go Native with our California Native Plant Resources 🌳 ➡ 🌻


🖋  Written by Ally Gaspar, Outreach Assistant