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Is Your Property At Risk For Harboring Mosquitoes? 💦 + 🏡 = 🦟

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Ever wonder why you keep seeing mosquitoes in your neighborhood? The answer might be in your own yard ... 

Do you have stagnant water 💦 on your property?

Do you have containers, plant saucers, and anything else that can retain water on your property?

Do you have dense vegetation 🌳 where mosquitoes rest form the heat on your property?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, then this risk assessment is for you!

Assess Your Risk 💻


📢 Remember This:

Mosquitoes 🦟 lay their eggs in containers that have stagnant water and they can grow from eggs to flying adults in about 7️⃣ days! 

Mosquitoes love cool, shady plants 🌳🍃 that provide protection from the sun's heat 🌞 and any wind.💨


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