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Why Not Spray Away Mosquitoes?

vector control specialist showing where mosquitoes grow

Residents who are fed up with biting mosquitoes often request the District to adulticide (kill adult mosquitoes with pesticide).

Adulticide spraying is a useful tool in mosquito control, but reserved for severe conditions, including abnormal mosquito population spikes and public health emergencies. In addition, broad-scale treatments are only short-term solutions.

Eliminating stagnant water is the most effective, long-term solution in cities in Los Angeles County. Residents must eliminate stagnant water weekly and maintain a clean, dry yard/patio to prevent mosquito infestations. Our Vector Control Specialists are trained to identify sources of mosquito growth and to eliminate the water first, before even considering pesticides.

Mosquito control is a shared responsibility

 Trying to eliminate every single mosquito from your neighborhood may be impossible, but together, we can all work together to reduce the threat.

Start a Bite Back group in your neighborhood

Learn how to get rid of mosquitoes