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Bite Back Champions

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A Neighborhood Mosquito Watch Campaign 

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Benefits to a Bite Back Group in your neighborhood

You save tons of money

That's right, as a government agency, we work with you and your neighbors on grassroots, practical solutions before you pay a pretty penny to "get rid of mosquitoes" elsewhere. 

You add value to neighborhood watch meetings 

Invite us to spread the word and get your neighbors to act, because less mosquitoes = more outdoor fun for you!

You reduce neighborhood outbreak threats

Zika, West Nile virus, and other dangerous diseases can be significantly decreased by mosquito-borne disease education. Together, we can team up and stay bite-free!

You will shine in your community

Everyone loves a little neighborly praise every now and then, so why not outsmart, outshine, and overacheive when it comes to mosquitoes.

Download the Bite Back Program promo flyer (PDF)


Ready to start a Bite Back group in your neighborhood? 

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