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Bite Back Tour: Healthy Homes & Happy Pets Recap

Episode Insights

A special thanks to our special guest Jennifer Sinatra | L.A. County Department of Public Health 

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Did you miss the Healthy Homes & Happy Pets episode? Watch now:


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HOw to keep your pets healthy 🐩🐈

During our Healthy Homes & Happy Pets episode of the Bite Back Tour, we share our tips on keeping our families healthy ... including our little fur babies. 

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Did you know that pets can get sick from vector-borne diseases? Our panelist from L.A. County Deptartment of Public Health, shares how heartworm can be passed from one animal to another through an Aedes mosquito bite.

OUR recommendations:

✔️ Do use flea control on pets -- also protects against mosquito bites

✔️ Do keep a clean and maintained home 

🚫 Avoid providing resting places for flea-carrying animals

🚫 Avoid feeding wildlife

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HOw to keep mosquitoes out of your home 🚫

Ever feel like mosquitoes hang out in one area of your home or property? That's because there is something on your property that's attracting them. 

Female mosquitoes need blood protein to create eggs & stagnant water to lay their eggs ... where can they find both? Your home. 
dense vegetation attracts mosquitoes

In order to create healthy homes, we have to maintain the #1 source of mosquito breeding - our properties.

✔️ Check your yard for containers that capture mosquito-breeding water

✔️ Cut down dense vegetation

✔️ Choose to plant California Native Plants to save water & your home from mosquitoes

How to maintain a safe community 🏠

Round up your neighbors and bite back! We help you take back your community with the Bite Back Program.


We have different grassroots methods to get mosquitoes out of your yard. Our Bite Back Outreach team is ready to help you build healthier, bite-free communities by bridging the gap between residents and experts.

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L.A. County Public Health Department


🖋 Written by Ally Gaspar, Outreach Assistant