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Number of Aedes mosquitoes continues to increase


July 6 to 10

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Dotted line shows the three-year average

Happy Monday! We hope you've been staying cool in this scorching summer heat. If not, enjoy some freshly caught data by our amazing Surveillance Department

Last week's (July 6 to 10) observed mosquito trap counts were 7% lower than the three year average -- Great job San Gabriel Valley! Keep at it with your weekly Tip, Toss, Protect; and be sure to always apply sunscreen before repellent (if you're not interested in being a delicious mosquito buffet, that is).

On a more serious note, the number of Aedes mosquitoes caught in these traps were higher than previous weeks -- and we can expect the numbers to increase.

Aedes mosquito populations are increasing each week

So, what else can SGV do to keep our homes safe from these vectors and the diseases they carry?

Join us on social media for fun, up-to-date mosquito information

Sign up for E-alerts

Educate your family, friends, and community

Submit a condifential tip if you notice any issues around your neighborhood, and our Operations Department will handle the rest

With that, we'll see you next week, SGV. Stay hydrated, and stay bite-free!

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West Nile Virus Update: Our mosquito and bird samples have tested negative for West Nile Virus so far.