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Don't Fall for the Mosquito Trick

They're back: Spiced pumpkin lattes, hot cocoa and the holidays. But don't fall for the mosquito trick! 

Contrary to popular belief, mosquitoes in San Gabriel Valley do not disappear during the fall and winter. In fact, as long as it's warm, mosquitoes will continue to thrive in your neighborhood. They are known to bug people in many ways:

  • Biting when people are in their garage, their yard or anywhere outside
  • Ruining Halloween by biting trick 'o treaters and their families
  • Leaving itchy red bumps at a Thanksgiving meal

Worst of all, mosquitoes can get you sick with West Nile virus when they bite!

Why Do Mosquitoes Bite?

When mosquitoes bite, they use your blood's protein to create the eggs. They can lay the eggs using containers that have stagnant water. In fact, the Aedes mosquitoes stick their eggs to containers and plants -- those eggs can stay viable (alive) for more than a year!

So What Can I Do?

  • Tip 'n Toss, Show them who's boss! - You know mosquitoes can complete their life cycle from egg to adult in a week. So eliminate stagnant water weekly in and around the home. Don't forget to keep your pool clean and maintained!
  • Repel, Don't Swell - Apply repellent to exposed skin to stop mosquito bites. Use oil of lemon eucalyptus, which is EPA-registered and CDC-recommended. Other effective repellents are Picaridin, DEET and IR3535.
  • Educate friends, neighbors and family - We challenge you to educate at least two more people about mosquitoes. The more we understand that mosquito control is a shared responsibility, the more healthy our communities will be!


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