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Administration Department

Promotional banner with text "WE STAY ON MISSION FOR A HEALTHIER FUTURE," a mosquito, diverse cartoon people, and 26 cities served note.

The San Gabriel Valley Mosquito and Vector Control District was established in 1989 to protect residents from vector-borne diseases, more specifically at that time, to address a local outbreak of a mosquito-borne disease called St. Louis encephalitis. 

The Administrative Services Department provides various support functions for the District.

Administrative Services is responsible for Finance and Budget, Human Resources, Risk Management (Insurance) and Payroll. Financial responsibilities include developing and monitoring the annual budget; preparing monthly financial statements, accounts payables and receivables: administering petty cash; deferred compensation programs; and ensuring government accounting requirements and standards. 

Human Resources coordinates the recruitment and hiring of District staff; administers employee benefits, coordinates employee relations and unemployment issues; maintains employee files; processes District vehicle incident claims; and administers the District's Personnel and Salary Resolution. 

Insurance activities involve processing, resolving and settling claims against the District, as well as claims the District has against others. The District is a member of a self-insurance pool (Vector Control Joint Powers Authority) made up of approximately 40 other California vector control districts. This organization helps administer and manage employment, workers compensation, liability, collision, property and other claims against the District.