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Short Bites Monthly

Your digest for June 2024.

A hand holding a smartphone with "June Update" text and mosquito illustration on its screen.
Short Bites Monthly ensures that our data as a public health agency remains transparent to the public and to people who are interested in our mission.
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We continue to provide the highest level of protection from vectors and vector-borne diseases to reduce outbreaks of human diseases in San Gabriel Valley.

District Communication

An information booth with banners about mosquito control and a person engaging with the staff.
Image of our District representative speaking to a Claremont resident at a community fair.

This month, we celebrated National Mosquito Awareness Week with two proclamations from the cities of Monrovia and Duarte. We also attended a few events to kick off the Summer season, awarded the last of our Vector Inspectors Program (V.I.P) students, and delivered Bite Prevention Kits to some cities in preparation for community concerts in the park.

Outreach Overview

An infographic showing June outreach success in social media, in-person, newsletter, and ecohealth with engagement and reach numbers.
Image of outreach stats for the past month.

Mosquito Activity Overview

Our District’s surveillance team reports mosquito trap activity. The purpose of trapping is to monitor mosquito presence and risk of mosquito-borne disease.

A line graph showing the average mosquitoes per trap over various weeks for the years 2020-2024.
Image of trap report comparing weekly average comparison from 2020-2024.

This month’s report shows that 2024 trapping (red) is recording lower abundance numbers compared to past years.

This means that mosquitoes are present but that there are not as many at this time compared to years past. However, the current heat wave and higher night time temperatures means that we will likely see an uptick in mosquito activity soon.

Map with blue markers near Los Angeles, likely indicating specific locations or data points across several cities.
Image of this month's total mosquito count per trap.

 REMINDER: With more residents spending time outdoors or traveling during the Summer, remember to wear mosquito repellent every time you're outside to stay bite-free. 

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We continue to maintain essential vector surveillance including mosquito traps for disease testing, providing weekly data to the District, and maintaining mosquito fish.
A worker in a blue uniform and cap is inspecting or repairing a large metal grate on the ground.
Image of a Vector Control Technician inspecting a permanent breeding source in Arcadia.

 Mosquito Species Overview

This month, we conducted mosquito, black fly, and tick trapping throughout San Gabriel Valley.

See this month’s mosquito species report below:

Pie chart showing species distribution with "Cx quinquefasciatus" making up 86.74% and various other species in smaller proportions.
This chart depicts the overall abundance of mosquitoes collected during the current reporting period. Species listed on the far right are sorted by total amount collected during this reporting period.

If you’re wondering how to protect yourself from mosquitoes, black flies, and ticks, then wearing repellent with the active ingredient DEET will cover you for all of those bites.

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We continue to provide excellent science education services and reduce mosquitoes in homes and schools within the San Gabriel Valley.

EcoHealth Highlights

This month, we acquired new preschools and were able to educate young learners. The Little Champions Preschool Program prepares Pre-k and TK students for Kindergarten science CA state standards that are aligned with our classroom programs.

A classroom with educational displays about mosquitoes, educational tools on a table, and a person in the background.
Image of our Outreach Assistant setting up material for the Little Champions Preschool Program in Rosemead.

We also closed out the school year with our Mosquito Intelligence Academy (M.I.A.) Program and awarded 2023’s Vector Inspectors of the Year. As we prepare for our Fall programs, we assess the knowledge gain from the previous fiscal year and revamp the program as needed to ensure maximum student engagement.

Children engaging in a hands-on educational activity with insects.
Image of students sorting mosquito larvae during a classroom activity.

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District Resources to Share

1) Share our new music video

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Discover the magic of wearing repellent in the San Gabriel Valley Mosquito & Vector Control District's latest music video. Look for ONE of the following active ingredients on repellent bottle labels: Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus, DEET, Picaridin, or IR3535.

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2) Share this Summer campaign page

Four people of varying ethnicities playing chess in a park, with a message about mosquito prevention.

Link to Summer Campaign:

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Communications Department Mission Statement:

Increase transparency and credibility through multi-media dialogue in order to engage and motivate internal, local, regional, statewide, and nationwide stakeholders to take action and become public health agents of change in their communities.


🖋  Written by Ally Gaspar, Outreach Assistant