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Warm Days this Fall Might Mean More Mosquitoes

Mosquito trap data from sgvmvcd

November 9 to 13

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Dotted line shows three-year average

Greeting SGV! Feeling like your home has more mosquitoes recently?

Last week's (November 9-13) trap report shows decreased mosquito populations, however we might be expecting higher numbers in the coming week.

It may be due to the small spikes of hot weather here in SoCal. Just like the summer and spring, mosquitoes hang around during fall and winter to bite us when we least expect it.

A warm day in the year could mean a field day for mosquitoes
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Seeking blood meals, plant nectar, and stagnant water, female mosquitoes typically  breed in sources that will likely hold water for the next 7 days. They are able to detect calcium buildup in anything that can hold water, which can signify that water is often present long enough for their eggs to tranform into flying adults.

Even as we approach rainier months, mosquitoes continue to actively search for places to lay eggs. Seeking harborage in areas like cool, shady backyards, mosquitoes can easily stumble across plant saucers, gutters, or rain barrels that have been filled with rainwater-- what's worse than knowing your home is breeding the very mosquitoes that bite you? 

Let's make sure mosquitoes aren't feasting this holiday season-- be sure to keep your rain barrels maintained, and keep at it with your weekly Tip, Toss, Protect around the house. Stay bite-free, SGV!

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West Nile Virus Update: Numerous mosquito and bird samples in San Gabriel Valley have tested positive for West Nile Virus this year. Track activity in your community.