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West Nile Virus Season Remains in Full Force

Mosquito trap data from sgvmvcd

October 26 to 30

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Dotted line shows three-year average

Happy Monday, SGV friends! We hope your Halloween was sweet, safe, and bite-free. 

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Last week (October 26-30), our Surveillance team reported another steady week among the Culex population. As West Nile virus continues to move through San Gabriel Valley, it's vital to protect ourselves from these dangerous mosquitoes by wearing repellent and getting rid of their favorite breeding grounds. 

In lighter news, there seems to be a slight, decreasing trend in Aedes numbers. Thanks to your efforts and the amazing teamwork we have in place, it appears these daytime biters are getting a taste of their own medicine this fall!

Although certain mosquito populations seem to be on the decline, we must stay vigilant. Every month is a mosquito month!

Stay safe year round with these simple, mosquito-free tricks:

Check your window, door, and rain barrel screens for rips that mosquitoes can enter through!

Don't let them breed in your home: Tip out standing water weekly and Toss unused containers that can hold water

Protect yourself with an effective, CDC-recommended repellent!

Plant mosquitoes out of your yard! 

 West Nile Virus Update: Numerous mosquito and bird samples in San Gabriel Valley have tested positive for West Nile Virus this year. Track activity in your community.