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Culex Mosquito Population Increases in SGV

Mosquito trap data from sgvmvcd

September 28 to October 2

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Dotted line shows three-year average

Hear that rustling in the bushes outside? It might be due to last week's 213% increase in mosquitoes compared to the same week in 2018. 

According to our Surveillance team's September 28-October 2 trap report, an increased amount of Culex mosquitoes was observed in SGV. Also known to carry West Nile virus, Culex females are able to transmit this deadly pathogen from birds to humans. 

Rise in Culex mosquitoes in San Gabriel Valley-- the transmitters of West Nile virus

The invasive Aedes population is likely another attributor to the 213% mosquito increase. Easily identified by their black-and-white stripes and aggressive daytime biting, these mosquitoes are known to transmit zika, dengue, and much more. 

So next time you're out in your yard, be sure to protect yourself from both of these pesky mosquitoes.

Wear any of the four ingredients that mosquitoes hate

Check if your yard is providing a common, tropical micro-climate that mosquitoes love

Bite mosquitoes back with your neighborhood!

Tip, Toss, Protect

Tip, toss, protect
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West Nile Virus Update: Numerous mosquito and bird samples in San Gabriel Valley have tested positive for West Nile Virus this year. Track activity in your community.