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Who is Ada Eez? A Tale of Invasive Aedes Mosquitoes

Ada Eez: The Next Generation...coming to a yard or patio near you! Celebrate her birthday #WorldMosquitoDay on August 20th by sharing a photo of where mosquitoes can grow.


Aedes mosquito or ankle biter mosquito plaguing Southern California homes
Aedes mosquitoes, also known as ankle biters in Los Angeles County
May contain: human and person
Mother Ada - part of the invasive Aedes mosquito population

If you've been bit by aggressive black-and-white striped mosquitoes, you probably know Ada Eez (Aedes, get it?). This nefarious mosquito often bugs residents of the San Gabriel Valley Mosquito and Vector Control District and is the world’s most famous mosquito.

Ada Eez is an educational tool used to teach people about invasive Aedes mosquitoes that have adapted to our yards and patios, mostly thanks to human behavior.

Did you know that Ada has a daughter now?

That’s right, the invasive Aedes mosquitoes invaded San Gabriel Valley, laid mosquito eggs that hatched due to stagnant water, and, now, we have Ada Eez, The Next Generation

The daughter Ada Eez is a reminder to everyone of how this type of mosquito rapidly takes over homes and can establish new generations of Aedes mosquitoes in a matter of weeks.

So if you’ve seen enough of Momma Ada, prepare yourselves for the voyages of Ada Eez and fellow Aedes mosquitoes. 

ada eez
Ada Eez -- Born in San Gabriel Valley thanks to all the stagnant water in yards
Their mission: To explore strange new worlds. To seek out new sources of stagnant water and spread into new neighborhoods. To boldly go where no other invasive Aedes has gone before!


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May contain: person and human
Don't want Aedes mosquitoes like Ada visiting you? Tip out stagnant water, toss unused containers, and protect against bites with repellent.