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Vector Inspector Program (VIP)


In response to the discovery of invasive Aedes mosquitoes, the San Gabriel Valley Mosquito & Vector Control District created the Vector Inspector Program (VIP).

This citizen science program mobilizes students in the San Gabriel Valley to aid us in the battle against mosquitoes and the dangerous viruses they can transmit.  

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Recommended Grades to Participate

This program is open to ‘youth’ of all ages with parent/adult participation, but it is recommended for kindergarten through eighth grade. 

Who can host a VIP program?

Residents, schools, clubs, youth groups, or other interested parties living or operating within the San Gabriel Valley Mosquito & Vector Control District's service area.

What Participants Will Learn

Participants learn about invasive Aedes mosquitoes, their biology and habitat.  They are given tools to conduct inspections around their own homes to identify potential mosquito habitats and collect water samples that may be harboring the aquatic life stages of mosquitoes. These water samples are then collected, analyzed, and participants are provided with the results. 

How to participate
Call 626-814-9466 or Click HERE. to contact our Education Specialist to schedule a school program.  

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Programs consist of a short live presentation (20-30 minutes) that is followed by our award-winning Vector Inspectors animated short video where students observe "Gabby" and "Calvin" survey their yard for mosquitoes and habitat where mosquitoes grow. They will show students how to collect samples, fill out the Vector Inspectors form, and return their kits to the collection bin at their school. We provide all the direction, materials and water analysis. It’s a great way to get students involved in real science!

Our agency will provide all printed materials, Vector Inspector kits, classroom collection bins, delivery and pick-up of samples, analysis of samples, and a summary of results for each participant.

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Sign up today by calling 626-814-9466 or click HERE to submit an online request.


  • When conducting property inspections, all participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult!
  • Each survey site must be a single address or location. We strongly recommend participants survey their own property unless they have the express permission of another property owner.
  • Properties surveyed must be within the boundaries of our service area.
  • Sample pick-ups: A minimum of 15 properties surveyed is required. Less than 15 samples will require drop offs at SGVMVCD district headquarters at 1145 N. Azusa Canyon Road, West Covina, CA 91790.

The privacy of our participants is very important to us. All of the information gathered in this program is used for the sole purpose of managing mosquito populations and reducing mosquito-borne diseases. Names, addresses and sample results are collected for statistical purposes only and not shared with any other agency or organization. Incomplete surveys will be accepted but will be significantly less helpful to achieving the objectives of the program. Participation in this program will not directly result in any type of property visit or inspection without permission from the resident.  However, standard property inspections, surveillance and disease investigations take place on a regular basis and participants may have future interaction with our agency in an unrelated way. 

Only with important partnerships between our agency and individuals, community groups, organizations, and schools can we keep our neighborhoods safe and healthy!