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2019 Vector Inspectors of the Year: First Awarded in Monrovia

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Supriya and Alex show off their Vector Inspector of the Year awards with Mrs. Ayala from Clifton Middle School
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The most rewarding aspect of teaching is witnessing your students apply their knowledge to the world around them.

And that is what two Monrovia students accomplished as the first Vector Inspectors of the Year.

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Students Supriya Uniyal and Alex Cummings show off their awards with the Monrovia City Council and Staff from SGV Mosquito & Vector Control District

Supriya Uniyal and Alex Cummings from Clifton Middle School, were the first students of more than 1,400 students to participate in the citizen scientist projects:

  • Vector Inspector Program (VIP)
  • Aedes Super Cup 8

Both of these projects teach students about how our actions can result in something simple, yet deadly, as the introduction of invasive Aedes mosquitoes due to a changing climate.

The citizen scientist projects are part of our free enhanced science curriculum that covers K-12 grades and prides itself in being NGSS-aligned.

Thank you to the City of Monrovia for recognizing your young citizen scientists. And a big thank you to Mrs. Gina Ayala, Supriya's and Alex's teacher, who challenges her students every day.