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Neighbors team up with vector control to bite back against mosquitoes!

Tired of mosquito bites? Take mosquitoes down like a Bite Back Champion.

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Taking back our yards and outdoor space

Jill from South Pasadena really appreciates an active life outdoors, like a family BBQ or playing outdoors with the kids. But Aedes mosquitoes were buzzing with other plans. Jill and her neighbors experienced aggressive day and night-time mosquito bites, which made being outside a miserable experience.

As a motivated resident, she did something about it: She signed up with the Bite Back Program! 

"Being a Bite Back Captain has given renewed hope to me and all my neighbors that there really is something we can do to stop these mosquitoes in their tracks."
Jill, South Pasadena Bite Back Captain
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With the help of Jill’s active role as a first Bite Back Captain, Vector Control was able to conduct a street-wide Block the Bite Property Inspection.

Jill's neighbors worked with vector control to access their backyards, which resulted in a community health report that provided specific instructions to make their neighborhood more bite-free.

Many residents throughout the San Gabriel Valley have also been up and arms about wanting these bloodsuckers gone.

Our Bite Back Champions program is a grassroots approach to getting rid of mosquitoes in your neighborhood and biting back with help from Vector Control. 

Take mosquitoes down like a Bite Back Champion:

  • Go door-to-door on your street and distribute door hangers
  • Schedule a Mosquito 101 Orientation with us and meet with us via Zoom or a phone call to brainstorm actions in your community
  • Stay in the know and receive alerts and emails about our latest outreach efforts


🖋  Written by Ally Gaspar, Outreach Assistant