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National Flirting Week – Our Forever Home is in Best Back Yards and Containers

artwork, cartoon, mosquito, hands, trashcan

Taking over song: Our house, Madness

By: Ada Eez, an Aedes mosquito


Hey Aedes Ladies and other mosquito-gals!


#NationalFlirtingWeek is almost over and this is THE perfect time to think about that place to oviposit!

Gasp! I said it! You’ve emerged, found that perfect guy, powered up on human blood, and now it’s time to settle-down and find the perfect place for all the little ones – soon to arrive!

Lucky you! You don’t have to fly far to find that forever home for your little darlings! Especially since, “our house is in the middle of our street.”

Every city in San Gabriel Valley has the best back yards and containers.

Top venues to tuck those precious eggs:

  • Plant trays (humans don’t realize these stay filled for days after watering!)
  • Rain barrels (humans rarely check these dark places – and miss your little wigglers when they do)
  • Rain gutters (out of sight, out of mind! Lucky for us!)
  • Yard drains (ditto, girls!)
  • Bromeliads (Humans put their lives on the line for these beloved plants! We love them, too! I bet you never dreamed you would have ANYTHING in common with humans!)

Make every egg count, girls, because you never know – the next blood meal and SWAT! You’re dead mosquito meat! So long and good luck, Aedes Ladies!

artwork, cartoon, mosquito, hands, trashcan


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Ghostwritten by: Carol Anne Hagele, Education Specialist