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Happy Valentine's Day - “According to all sources … it’s going to start raining [males]!”

May contain: person

Confidence song: It’s Raining Men, The Weather Girls

By: Ada Eez, an Aedes mosquito


Happy Valentine’s Day to all of my fellow Aedes Ladies and other mosquito gals!

I hope that you’ve let all of my #NationalFlirtingWeek tips take flight because love isn’t the only thing in the air today and, “for the first time in history, it's gonna start raining [males]!” 

Since no one puts an Aedes in a corner, it’s up to us ladies to find our love bugs before our bite-sized lifespan runs out. We are the most aggressive biters, after all, and those mosquito males don’t have to be our only valentine …

I suggest grabbing a drink from one of those, “tall, blonde, dark and lean, rough and tough and strong and mean” humans in the San Gabriel Valley.

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🖋 Written by Ally Gaspar, Outreach Assistant