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I Want to Control Mosquitoes in My Yard

Tired of being confined indoors while mosquitoes take over your yard?

To manage mosquitoes without killing pollinators, get to know the winged enemy of the great outdoors.

It's all About The Stagnant Water

Mosquito eggs need stagnant water to hatch out larvae, and the larvae feed on bacteria in the water.

The key to buzz off mosquitoes from your garden or yard is to remove stagnant water where mosquitoes grow.

Obvious places:

 Not-so-obvious places:

Don't forget to check:

  • French drains (water pooling on tarp)
  • Bromeliads (middle cups can hold stagnant water)
  • Underground corrugated pipe (grooves can hold water)
  • Small plant saucers hold enough water to grow mosquitoes
  • Drains around the property
  • Watering cans
May contain: grass, plant, furniture, and chair

My Yard is Bone Dry, But I Still See Mosquitoes

There will always be mosquitoes in San Gabriel Valley. Just like bad weather, we can adapt to the situation (removing stagnant water), but there is more you can do.

  • Wear light, long sleeved shirts and pants
  • Use repellent on exposed skin (Learn MORE)

What Doesn't Work

Repellent Plants - Unfortunately, contrary to popular belief, plants that have repelling "odors" do not work effectively. Unless you grind the plants to release the smell, and apply it to your skin, the plants will not keep mosquitoes away from you.

Repellent fans and candles - There is no scienfitic proof that in a real-world setting that these repellents work. A breeze through your backyard can carry the effectiveness away from you.