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No Un-bear-able bites when Bearsun 🐻 meets World Famous Mosquito Ada Eez 🦟

Bearsun Meets the World Famous Mosquito Ada Eez 🤝

While Ada Eez has made appearances around social media and the San Gabriel Valley, she’s never hit the streets with kindness like Bearsun. 

Bearsun is a giant real-life teddy bear that’s blowing up social media with his 2,800 mile walk from LA to NYC. Like Ada, Bearsun also chases down what he likes, as he described in an interview with CNN

two people in bug costumes on street corner
Ada couldn't help herself, she's obsessed with BLOOD!


Ada Eez, world famous mosquito, made the trip to meet him when he posted his walking route on Instagram, indicating that he was in the city of San Dimas. And since the only sweet thing that Ada has is a sweet tooth for blood, she hunted him down. 🧛‍♀️🩸🥤

person in Mosquito costume waving

Similarly, Ada Eez (@ada-eez) and Bearsun (@iambearsun) share messages on social media that bring awareness to what they’re doing (like living their best lives), making it easy for their followers to stay in the loop. 

Bearsun’s followers on social media took off when he made the walking journey from Little Tokyo, LA to San Francisco 🌉 and were able to donate money to help him update his costume. The giant teddy bear costume was originally inspired by his dog 🐕, “Bear” and the costume head pays homage to his favorite cartoon character from Hey Arnold! But most importantly, Bearsun brings awareness to various charities and plans on using the remaining donated money towards them 🙏💚. 

Ada Eez however, occasionally appears with the San Gabriel Valley Mosquito and Vector Control District, but generally she’s thriving in the SGV and on social media 💻📱. Ada hopes to fulfill her dream of laying her Aedes mosquito eggs on every residential property, thanks to residents who leave her presents of stagnant water around their home 💧🏡. She’s particularly fond of yummy humans who don’t wear repellent 😏.

two people in bug costumes on street corner

While the meeting between them was short, the posts were sweet because Ada Eez wished Bearsun a safe journey through the San Gabriel Valley and the rest of his walk to NYC. 👋✌

🤓 Want to learn more about Aedes mosquitoes?

Here's what Bearsun learned 📢

Ada Eez is actually an Aedes mosquito 😲🦟 OMG!

Mosquitoes emerge from stagnant water 💦, are about the length of the tip of one's thumb 👍🏾, and they bite people!

Mosquitoes are a threat to all communities because they transmit disease while sucking our blood (🦠 = yikes!).


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🖋 Written by Ally Gaspar, Outreach Assistant