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Who is Lady Buzzington?

Love isn't as glamorous as it is in Bridgerton, it's a mosquito-borne disease! 

Mosquito gossip columnist, Lady Buzzington (yes, just like Bridgerton), reveals the ultimate Valentine's Day scandal. But there's a flaw in the latest society paper because how could Lady Buzzington know about this blood-thirsty news unless it's about her? 

 Who is the mysterious Lady Buzzington?

Dear Aedes ladies, you may not know who I am but I know you. And I hope that you made haste to hear the latest buzz. Rumor has it that Ada Eez was caught laying eggs in stagnant water … alone in the neighborhood garden.

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"But how would I know such things?"

A residential scandal to say the least, that risks the genus name of Aedes forever! One thing remains sure, no bug saw that swat coming.

This Valentine's day is starting off with flying wings, as the Ada chose her aggressive passion for blood over the dashing Duke of Tastings. But how would I know such things?

If you ask me Ada and I think alike. We know that love is the real mosquito-borne disease and that, my dear Aedes, is the tea.


Lady Buzzington


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🖋 Written by Ally Gaspar, Outreach Assistant