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Galentine's Day Gossip from Lady Buzzington's Society Papers

Staying at home on Galentine's Day may have its perks, like binge watching Bridgerton on Netflix, but enjoying the fresh air without mosquito bites is even better! 

Now that getting up from the couch is a sport, imagine going outside to get the mail and finding a mosquito gossip pamphlet (yes, just like Bridgerton). 

Lady Buzzington's Society Papers is your guide into the scandalous lives of Aedes mosquitoes, especially the world's most famous one, Ada Eez.

See what all the buzz is about from the mysterious & unknown Lady Buzzington.

Dear Aedes ladies, you may not know who I am but I know you. And I hope you've all paid a visit to the Mosquito Modiste, because the buzz is that Ada Eez caught the male mosquito of the season.

Now we know that a little competition never bit anybody, but Ada seems to be flying near the Duke of Tastings. Who can blame her? His family possesses the finest antennae and even I like the view.

So I advise the gals on Galentine's day to make haste! One has to be aggressive as an Aedes, regardless of the time of day. Ada Eez may be the most admired Aedes mosquito, but her fancy stripes don't fool me...

Dearest Duke of Tastings, trust me, Ada won't bite for you.


Lady Buzzington

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"Ada seems to be flying near the Duke of Tastings."


Stay tuned to find out who Lady Buzzington is ...

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🖋 Written by Ally Gaspar, Outreach Assistant