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Elevated Mosquito Numbers as We Enter December

Mosquito trap data from sgvmvcd

November 30 to December 4

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Dotted line represents three-year average

We've made it to December, SGV! Now that we're in for cooler weather, let's hope for lower mosquito numbers in the coming weeks.

Based on our November 30-December 4 trap report, mosquito populations were moderate last week. While populations remain below the three-year average, numbers are elevated compared to 2019. As we continue to experience warm days throughout fall, mosquitoes have no excuse not to play outside and grub on some humans! 

Mosquitoes love warm days, especially in the winter and fall

Mosquitoes Can Bite Through Clothes

Before tucking away your favorite repellent for next summer, think again. 

When a female mosquito is hungry, her long proboscis helps her pierce her way into blood vessels. That being said, a thin layer of fabric or a knitted sweater is essentially defenseless against her long, needlelike mouth. 

Preventing Bites in Cold Weather

Don't let them reach your skin -> Wear loose-fitting clothes

Look out for breeding in your home! Tip, Toss, Protect

Mosquitoes love rain barrels -> Check them weekly for breeding

Staying bite-free this cold season comes with its challenges, but together we can create a safer, healthier community. 

Until next week, SGV!

West Nile Virus Update: Numerous mosquito and bird samples in San Gabriel Valley have tested positive for West Nile Virus this year. Track activity in your community.