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West Nile virus expands further into SGV, World Mosquito Day approaches

Mosquito trap data from sgvmvcd

August 10 to 14

Dotted line shows three-year average

Hello SGV, welcome to the party! Yep, you heard us right-- we’re celebrating August 20th; our lovely Ada Eez’s birthday! Otherwise called World Mosquito Day, this joyous occasion marks the 1897 discovery of malaria transmission via female mosquitoes.

Now, for presents. Let’s unwrap that trap report gifted by yours truly, SGVMVCD.

Ada Eez - an educational tool for students to learn more about Aedes mosquitoes

Last week (August 10-14), our Surveillance Department received a dead bird sample that tested positive for West Nile virus (WNV). This marks the first WNV positive sample in La Verne, this year. Transmitted to humans by Culex female mosquitoes, West Nile virus poses the perfect reason to persist in our fight against mosquitoes.

West Nile virus continues to spread in San Gabriel Valley
person swinging a fly swatter

Luckily, it appears we've got the upper hand. Through the work of our stealthiest mosquito-fighting crew (A.K.A. You), mosquito numbers were down by 67% last week compared to 2019! A true win for World Mosquito Day. 

Let's keep up the hard work and show Culex mosquitoes exactly who they're up against! 

We hope you enjoyed the party; don't forget your mosquito-fighting favors:

Bite Back Program

Tip, Toss, Protect



West Nile virus transmission cycle

West Nile Virus Update: Three mosquito samples and one dead bird in San Gabriel Valley tested positive for West Nile Virus so far this year. Track activity in your community.