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SGV mosquitoes tested positive for West Nile virus


July 27 to 31

Dotted line shows the three-year average

Uncap your favorite repellent and prepare yourself for mosquito defense.

Last week (July 27-31), our Surveillance Department confirmed SGV's first mosquitoes to test positive for West Nile virus this year. While it appears our local mosquito numbers are declining, the stakes are rising as we delve deeper into the warm summer. 

West Nile virus transmission cycle
SGV mosquitoes tests positive for dangerous West Nile virus; meanwhile Aedes populations continue to rise

But don't lose hope -- your hard work to abolish mosquitoes in your community is certainly paying off. This past week in 2019, mosquito populations were 22% higher! So, keep up your amazing habits, and continue to Tip, Toss, Protect

You may be asking yourself: What can I do to keep myself and my community safe? 

Luckily, you've come to the right people.

Tip out stagnant water weekly

Toss unused containers that can store mosquito-breeding water

Protect yourself from bites-- mosquitoes HATE these ingredients!

Give mosquitoes a taste of their own medicine. Bite Back!

Now that you know the simple hacks to staying bite-free, be sure to stay in-the-know on our most recent mosquito information. 

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Stay safe San Gabriel Valley!


West Nile Virus Update: One mosquito sample tested positive for West Nile Virus as of the July 27-31 week in 2020.