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Knocking out mosquitoes in La Puente, Azusa

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A door-to-door awareness campaign 

Mosquito control experts are getting ahead of mosquitoes in our community by conducting multiple awareness events throughout San Gabriel Valley.

Guided by data from mosquito traps, outreach teams will visit La Puente and Azusa communities this week.

The San Gabriel Valley Mosquito and Vector Control District encourages everyone to:

Tip, toss, protect

TIP out stagnant water once a week

TOSS any unused containers

PROTECT themselves from mosquito bites by using EPA-registered repellent

The District sets out mosquito traps that are used to get a snapshot of conditions in neighborhoods. Mosquitoes caught in the traps are also tested for any diseases they may carry, such as West Nile virus.

Residents are also encouraged to start a new grassroots neighborhood mosquito watch program called Bite Back Champions. Participants will work directly with mosquito control experts and local leaders to develop long-term, pesticide-free solutions to keeping their homes bite-free.