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You may be a mosquito magnet, here's why

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It happens every. single. time.

You're with a group of people outside and everyone is just fine.

But you? You​​'re a mosquito juice box. WHY?

dense vegetation attracts mosquitoes

 Researchers from the Rockefeller University's Laboratory of Neurogenetics and Behavior and Howard Hughes Medical Institute tackled this question.

Some people are consistently more attractive to mosquitoes than others, due to skin odor differences

According to Scientific American, "Every person has a unique scent profile made up of different chemical compounds, and the researchers found that mosquitoes were most drawn to people whose skin produces high levels of carboxylic acids."

Think you can change your diet or your grooming habits? Not so fast. Mosquitoes can smell right through that.

There have been theories such as blood type as a determining factor for being attractive to mosqutioes, but evidence is weak and it isn't well-researched.

The Rockefeller research focused on Aedes aegypti, or yellow fever mosquito. These Aedes mosquitoes are known as ankle biters and are present in San Gabriel Valley.

So what can you do if you're a tasty treat?

person applying mosquito repellent

Use mosquito repellent. Unless you know how to change your skin bacteria and change your chemical signature, the most effective way to stop mosquitoes is to wear repellent on any exposed skin.

To find out what repellent works best against mosquitoes, click HERE to learn more.