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The Most Common Mistake When Booking EcoHealth

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Many educators may not realize that their school district requires us to submit a liability certificate, even if we are invited to just present on campus to your classes.

When you book an EcoHealth visit, we need to double check to see if a liability certificate is required from us. Don't worry! We will work with an administrator to complete the process.

For this reason, please book our EcoHealth programs at least 8 weeks in advance.

Many outside programs may require approval by your school board. By booking at least 8 weeks in advance, there will be time for the program to be put on the agenda and for your school board to approve it at their next regularly scheduled meeting.

Are you in charge of the liability certificate process at your school?

Here is a briefly stated list of what we would need from a certificate holder (the school district/agency requesting the certificate) in order to fulfill their request to be added as an additional covered party (additional insured):

  1. Full and complete address where the certificate would be sent, if being sent via US Mail, or the contact location for the agency requesting to be added as an ACP.  If the certificate is to be faxed or emailed, please provide that contact information as well.
  2. A copy of the agreement/contract specifying the insurance requirements, the parties involved, and the services being performed by our San Gabriel Valley Mosquito & Vector Control District or the Event Name in which our mosquito control is asking to participate.
  3. We ask that all certificate requests be submitted at least 8 weeks prior to the event or the start date requested for coverage (i.e. term)

Questions? Please contact an Education Specialist at 626-844-9466 or email