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The Mosquito Emoji Crisis 

Thanks to the proposal put together by Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, a mosquito emoji is now available on all Apple devices.


Apple unveiled the highly anticipated mosquito emoji in their new software update, iOS 12.1, on October 2, 2018. But with the release of seventy new emojis, there was a major problem …

May contain: animal, invertebrate, and insect
Apple mosquito emoji












Did you spot the mistake? It’s missing a leg!


Mosquitoes are insects, and all insects have six legs. Accurately modifying the emoji is beneficial to Apple’s status because they can generate scientific education on the basic structure of a mosquito in the most popular way possible. Apple should take advantage of this opportunity and correct a major oversight.


This might sound nitpicky, but it’s a realistic concern that people want corrected:

May contain: text
May contain: text, person, and human
May contain: text


Social media confirms that people are up in arms over the incorrect and ignored mosquito emoji, particularly because the bagel emoji was improved over the rage of the original version of the bagel emoji, which initially lacked cream cheese. If the bagel emoji can be enhanced, so can the mosquito emoji. 


What can you do to tell Apple how you feel? Use the hashtag #MosquitoEmoji and explain your reason as to why this matters. Show the mosquito emoji some love and let’s correct the mistake. Be sure to follow our mosquito friend Ada_Eez on her quest to fix this. 

May contain: animal, invertebrate, and insect











UPDATE: The mosquito emoji was corrected in the iOS13.1 update. It now features the sixth leg, making the insect anatomically correct (the proboscis is not a leg).


May contain: insect, invertebrate, and animal
iOS13.1 update