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RFP Informational Technology Services (PDF)

Posted: 6/11/19

Proposals due: 12:00 p.m. PDT, July 12, 2019

 FAQ for Informational Technology Services RFP

  1. Is there an incumbent contractor? No.
  2. Will the District consider hosting a bid meeting/site visit? At this time, bid meetings and site visits will not be possible.
  3. Is the contract start to occur immediately after award notification? Yes
  4. What is the contract budget? The approved FY2019/20 line item budget for contract IT services is $50,000.
  5. What was the previous contract value? The previous contract value was approximately $40,000
  6. When are questions due to the District? Questions are due to the District by July 8, 2019 to allow adequate time for respond to RFP respondents.
  7. What is the contract period of performance? The contract period is currently for one year. 
  8. Please clarify whether both hardcopy and email copies of proposals required? Or may offerors choose to submit via one method? If hardcopies are required, do you require wet signatures? Respondents have the option to submit either hardcopy or email proposals. Digital signatures will be accepted.
  9. The RFP mentions that there are 11 servers.. Could you please list the server number (1-11), server type (physical or virtual), Operating System (OS), and primary role (DC, file, app, backup, etc.) for each server? All servers are physical and located at our district headquarters. The servers manage the DC, Exchange, file storage and backup, Cisco VOIP system, ArcGIS, and Firewall(s). Unfortunately, we do not have access to the OS information for each server at this time.
  10. How many active users are on the domain? Please explain any significant disparity between the number of users and the roughly 48 workstations mentioned in the RFP. There are 46 active users assigned to individual workstations. The district Board Room and GIS terminal account for the other two workstations.
  11. The RFP says that the district has contracted IT services for 20 years; but the questions/answers mention that there is no incumbent provider. Please explain how this is the case and/or what led to the issuance of this RFP. Our previous contractor retired.

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