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Public Health Inspection Report

Yards and patios in your neighborhood produce a lot of mosquitoes. Thank you for joining your neighbors to prevent disease outbreaks.

Where Mosquitoes Grow and Hide

Any item or container that holds a teaspoon of water or more can grow biting mosquitoes in one week. Eliminate stagnant water that mosquitoes need to grow and reduce dense vegetation where adult mosquitoes can rest.

Immediate Action Required -- YES / NO

Inspector: ___________________

Number: ____________________


Inspection Type

  • Routine inspection
  • Mosquito fish delivery
  • Neighborhood canvassing
  • Enhanced neighborhood support / Bite Back Program
  • No Response. We will return: _______________________

Mosquito Sources

  • No stagnant water found. Great job!
  • Stagnant water found in the front yard
  • Stagnant water found in the back yard

Mosquito Activity

  • No mosquitoes observed. Stay bite-free!
  • Immature mosquitoes growing in water
  • Adult mosquitoes observed

Mosquito Resting Sites

  • No dense vegetation observed. Keep them out!
  • Dense vegetation present
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Where Mosquitoes Grow and Hide

Non-permanent Sources

Tip out stagnant water weekly or Toss out, place upside down or store in covered area.

Permanent Sources

Inspect and remove stagnant water weekly. Cover items to prevent water accumulation, if possible.

Non-permanent sourcesPermanent sources
Bromeliads/plants that hold waterNon-functional swimming pools and/or spas
Rain barrels Drains _________________________________
Potted plants/saucersNon-circulating ponds ____________________
BirdbathsNon-circulating fountains __________________
Trash cans/lidsOther: __________________________________
Recycling bins 
Covers or tarps
Whiskey barrel planters

More Tips Prevent Bites

Mosquito shield thanks to repellent

Wear mosquito repellent and/or long-sleeve shirt with pants when outdoors.

Reduce all dense vegetation around the home where adult mosquitoes can rest during the day.

Use California native plants. Drought tolerant landscapes prevent resting mosquitoes, saves water, and make your home beautiful!