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Pasadena, Don't Fall for the Mosquito Trick 🍂

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They're back: Pumpkin spiced lattes ☕, tea 🍵, and the holidays. But don't fall for the mosquito trick! 🍂🦟 As long as it's warm in the San Gabriel Valley🌄, mosquitoes will continue to thrive in your neighborhood. 

Mosquitoes are known to bug people in many ways:

  • Biting when people are in their garage, their yard, in Old Town Pasadena, or anywhere outside 😬
  • Ruining Halloween 🎃 by biting trick 'o treaters and their families
  • Leaving itchy red bumps at a Thanksgiving 🦃 meal

Worst of all, mosquitoes can get you sick with West Nile virus when they bite!

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Why Do Mosquitoes Bite?

When mosquitoes bite, they use your blood's protein🩸 to create the eggs. They can lay the eggs using containers that have stagnant water💦. In fact, the Aedes mosquitoes stick their eggs to containers and plants 🌱-- those eggs can stay viable (alive) for more than a year!

3️⃣ Things You Can Do:

  1. Tip 'n Toss, Show them who's boss! - You know mosquitoes can complete their life cycle from egg to adult in a week. So eliminate stagnant water weekly in and around the home. Don't forget to keep your pool clean and maintained!
  2. Repel, Don't Swell - Apply repellent to exposed skin to stop mosquito bites. Use Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus (or PMD), which is EPA-registered and CDC-recommended. Other effective repellents are Picaridin, DEET and IR3535.
  3. Educate friends, neighbors and family - We challenge you to educate at least two more people about mosquitoes. The more we understand that mosquito control is a shared responsibility, the more healthy our communities will be!


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