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National Flirting Week – Need a getaway for a day or two? Here are my favorite secret source locations

On the hunt song: Take On Me, a-ha

By: Ada Eez, an Aedes mosquito


Hey Aedes Ladies and other mosquito-gals!


It’s #NationalFlirtingWeek and its time to think about great places to meet that perfect male! Did you miss your man immediately after emerging? No worries girls! Here’s a list of great places where the perfect guy is waiting to meet the girl of his dreams:

  • Flower power – don’t forget the boys love their Power Plant Juices and Nectars! Check the nearest flowering plant buffet!
  • Shade Shack – Hunting on a hot day? The boys may be hanging out in cool, shady spots where they can scout for the ladies without getting too heated up (wink-wink).
  • (Green) Pool-side Resorts (or pond, bucket or other stagnant water spot): Give those antennae a workout! They may lead you to a great, green, gallon of stagnant water with a new batch of males (and not some dude who might be your cousin – or worse! Your brother – ugh!)
  • Hosts! Follow your antennae. Boys know what we, Aedes Ladies, like best! Humans! Heavy breathers taking a rest are a hot spot for males hanging around, hoping to “take me on!”… Poor things, they don’t know that “I’ll be gone in a day or two.”


Happy hunting, girls!


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Ghostwritten by: Carol Anne Hagele, Education Specialist