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Mosquito and Vector Control Association of California

2021 Annual Meeting Presentation Resources

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Levy Sun

Automation of Biting Back: Save time and nurture sustainable grassroots community-level interventions 

Bite Back Neighborhood logo
  • Automation saved 15 minutes to intake and onboard each participant
  • Automation reduced the cost of supporting the Bite Back Program by 94% or nearly $19,000. Total cost of the tools is $1,205 per year!
  • Unintended outcome: If an agency closure occurs due to COVID-19 or if staff is out sick/vacation, automation will continue running and onboarding people without the need for staff to be present.
  • [Update] Reduced service request load for "hotspot" areas by having Operations triage residents' needs and diverting them to Communication.
Resources referenced in presentation:
Automation flowchart [PNG]Presentation File [PDF]

Check out the Bite Back Program website!

Automation tools used
  • Zapier -$239/year
  • Mailchimp -$120/year
  • Acuity Scheduler -$378/year

Total cost per year: $1,205

All of these service are used in different programs of our department. If I had to estimate, the Bite Back Program probably makes up 50% of the total use of the programs.


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